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The Ohio Exopolitics radio program covers many topics including UFOs, extra-terrestrial contact and exopolitics. The favorite topic is the Billy Meier case. "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier has taken over 1,200 photographs of the Plejaren craft hovering near his home in Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. In addition, Billy has made many films of these craft flying near his home. These films are hard to find today; however, here is one of the Wedding Cake UFO. There are films that are much better than this but are difficult to find. There is a great movie called Contact that really does a pretty good job of giving an overview on the Meier information. There have been hundreds of other eye witnesses, metal samples and sound recordings of the craft. Billy has also passed lie detector tests associated to this information. The Meier writings are the most important part of the case. Billy has written over 40 books, over 2000 contact reports and hundreds of other documents.

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