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This web site is a part of a network of sites organized to educate the public about the reality of extraterrestrial life. This network of web sites was organized by Steve Bassett. Ohio Exopolitics can be heard on Revolution Radio On Saturday night at 8pm Eastern. Ohio Exopolitics can also be heard on Blog Talk Radio; however, the time of the show does vary. Please press the follow button on Blog Talk Radio to be notified when Ohio Exopolitics will have its next show. Also friend us on facebook to recieve notifications of when Ohio Exopolitics can be heard.
This website supports two radio programs at two different locations:
  1. Ohio Exopolitics on Blog Talk
  2. Ohio Exopolitics on Revolution Radio

Ohio Exopolitics Radio on Blog Talk deals very much with the Billy Meier case. If you want to learn more about the Billy Meier case a good place to start is at the Future of Mankind website. The Future of Mankind website is the largest English-language resource for information primarily produced by Billy Meier, the contactee of the Plejaren Federation and founder of FIGU. Billy has had hundreds of face to face contact with extraterrestrial human beings since about 1945. The contact notes are basically word for word transcripts of Billy's face to face meetings with these people. The complete list of contacts can be found on the Contact Statistics page.

Ohio Exopolitics radio on Blog Talk is generally concentrated on doing shows about the Meier Contact Notes or Meier writings. The time for shows on Blog Talk Radio will vary as the schedule of the host changes; however, these shows are always available on at Ohio Exopolitics Radio on Blog Talk or in the archives area on this site.

Ohio Exopolitics on Revolution Radio typically will have more guests than the Blog Talk radio show. On Revolution Radio Ohio Exopolitics show topics can vary greatly but will deal much with geopolitics and exopolitics in general. However, the Billy Meier case is still covered on Revolution Radio but typically once a month.

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The host of Ohio Exopolitics considers the Billy Meier case to be by far the most important case in the field of exopolitics; therefore, a great deal of time an effort is spent on bringing out the deep truths associated to the Meier information. The writings of Billy Meier answer all of the big questions in life:
  1. Who are we, where do we come from, who built the ancient megalithic structures all over the earth;
  2. What was our solar system like in the ancient past;
  3. Who are the other human civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy;
  4. What is the physical structure of our universe and what super intelligence created of our universe;
  5. What happens when we die, do we reincarnate and what is the purpose of our life;
  6. How do the more advanced extra terrestrials travel from star to star with almost no time passing;