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Archives Blog Talk Radio 2015

Date Description
12/27/2015 AdolfHitler, HAARP, Might Of Thoughts
12/20/2015 Tomb of Jmmanuel,The High Council, Time Travel,Mohammed,Islam, Extraterrestrial
12/12/2015 Genuine love, Radional Choice, Neutral Positive Thinking
11/28/2015 Shoot Down Of SU24, The Henoch Prophecies
11/27/2015 Shoot Down Of Russian SU-24 Part2
11/26/2015 Shoot Down Of The Russian SU-24
11/15/2015 Origins of the Earth People.mp3
10/24/2015 Aryans, Kamagal, Giza Intelligences, Atlantis and Lemura.mp3
10/18/2015 Alien Mega Structure Around Atar Mental Disharmony Causes Suffering.mp3
10/03/2015 Gerard Aartsen
9/20/2015 Extraterrestrial Bases on the Earth
2015/09/13 Emotions, Psyche, Gemut, Desertification, Climate Change, The Spirit Form
2015/09/08 Psyche, Gemut, Desertification, Climate Change, Controlling our Thoughts
2015/08/30 Addiction of World Domination
2015/08/25 Jade Helm and Mind Control
2015/08/22 Electronic Data Chips and Mind Control
2015/08/09 The Thoughts of the Fetus in the Womb (Sound Problems)
2015/08/02 The Might of Thoughts and Contact Report 216
2015/07/29 Jade Helm
2015/07/19 Jade Helm, The Secret Dark Order, The Might of Thoughts, Dental Health
2015/07/13 Deductive Reasoning vs. Belief, The Health of Your Teeth, INRI, Might of Thought
2015/07/11 Everything That the Human Conceives Can Bear Fruit
2015/06/26 Optimism,Pessimism,Psychological Well-Being,Belief and its Hypnotic Effect
2015/06/25 Optimism, Health,Cortisol, The Might of Thoughts, Gemut, Creation
2015/06/21 The Might Of Thoughts, Unconscious Thoughts and Cognitions
2015-06-20 The Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious Thoughts, The Dark Order, Addiction
6/9/2015 Interview with Solaris Blue Raven Dark Matter Radio U-Tube
6/7/2015 Jade Helm, The Dark Order, The Might of the Thoughts, Galactic History
5/31/2015 Ole Dammegard, Max Igan , Zen Gardener(www.uniteawake.com)
5/29/2015 Tolec Talks
5/25/2015 Solaris BlueRaven and the Might of Thoughts
5/24/2015 Hypnosis, Illogic, Belief,Deductive Reasoning, Fanaticism, God
5/17/2015 Tolec
5/16/2015 ISIS, Delusion, Insanity,Religion,Schizophrenia,Creation,Giza Intelligences
5/08/2015 Intelligent Cells, Giza Intelligences, The Spiritual Life, Reincarnation
5/04/2015 Jade Helm, Veterans Today Break up
5/03/2015 The Might of Thoughts and the Universal Consciousness ( Veterans Today Controversy )
4/26/2015 How the US Created ISIS
4/25/2015 The Might of the Thoughts and Neurotransmitters
4/19/2015 Jesus,Jmmanuel,Letter J,Council of Nicea,Constantine,Hesus Krishna
4/5/2015 good-or-evil-what-is-human-nature
03/28/2015 DrRimaLaibowFirstPart_03_28_2015     DrRimaLaibowSecondPart_03_28_2015
03/28/2015 The Secret Dark Order, Preemptive Warfare, California Drought
3/22/2015 Secret Dark Order, New World Order, Suicide, Homelessness, Goblet of Truth
3/19/2015 Universal Consciousness, The Secret Dark Order, The Human Spirit
3/14/2015 Thermohaline circulationGulf StreamDeath Penaltypsychic swinging waves
3/07/2015 Gerard Aartsen Here to Help UFOs and the Space Brothers
3/01/2015 Great PyramidGiza IntelligencesMayansGods of the Earth
2/28/2015 Nazca Lines, Overpopulation, Death Penalty,Gods of Earth
2/22/2015 Third Millennium overpopulation Nokodemjon Spirit Form Creation
2/21/2015 Overpopulation, The Creation, Universal Consciousness, Reincarnation,
2/15/2015 Talmud of Jmmanuel, Introduction to the Spiritual Teaching, The Holy See
2/7/2015 SFATH Contact, Billy’s Previous lives, Plejaren Depart the Earth, Bases On Earth
2/1/2015 Contact Report 31 Billys Trip in Great Spacer Ship
1/31/2015 Semjase and The Spiritual Teaching in Contact Report 10
1/24/2015 Entelodonts,Hyaenodon,Paleocene,Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM),Eocene
1/19/2015 Mammals in the Ice Age, Eocene and Oligocene Eras, Early Hominid
1/17/2015 Genetic Engineering Human Genome DNA evolution
1/14/2015 Universal Consciousness, Genetic Engineering, Henoch Prophecies
1/11/2015 Terrorism, Cell, DNA, chromosome, genome, double helix, Genetic engineering
1/10/2015 Universal Storage Banks, Impulses, Subconscious, Spiritual Teaching, Wisdom
1/4/2015 Ariel SharonPalestiniansHoly LandGenetic engineeringSabra and Shatila
1/3/2015 The Sabra And Shatila Massacre, Human-spirit, Monotheism