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Wendelle Steven's Unauthorized Translation of the 59th Contact

The photographs, films, sound recordings and Meier himself were the subject of an investigation lasting more than five years by Wendelle C. Stevens and his American team of analytic experts. The investigation was the subject of Larry Savadove's 1982 documentary film Contact. Stevens and his team employed a wide range of investigative techniques such as photogrammetric and computer analysis of photographs, tonal and dynamic analysis of recorded sounds, recreation of models, and extensive polygraph tests on Meier and his acquaintances.

Time of Contact: Contact Thursday, 8 July 1976 14:03

U.S. Government and Objects of Extraterrestrial Origin

Meier: has not been exactly satisfied with all the answers he has gotten from Semjase. When he gets home with some of them he is assailed on all sides by rebuttals, and further questions to try to clarify what was given, so he is prepared to challenge her on some of this when she arrives for this meeting. He opens the conversation immediately with what is on his mind in this respect concerning two issues of considerable importance to him.

Meier- First, we should clear up some things, before we occupy ourselves with new questions. Namely be­cause the earthhuman beings are still ignorant of many facts, from which misunderstandings then arise. Such happened, for example, with two questions from me, concerning the American Government and the Pent­agon, in respect to materials and dead bodies of extraterrestrial origin. With respect to the govern­ment, you have agreed that it has some objects of extraterrestrial origin in its posession, while you have neglected this for the Pentagon. Now it wasn't evident why you should say yes once, and then say no once more.

Semjase- 1.Your question is very illogical.

Meier- You do not seem to understand. Among us the questions are logically put, but the answer is not always understandable for the earthhuman beings, because they do not know of several matters. Like this, it is farreaching unknown to them, that the American Government represents a countries govern­ment, while the American Pentagon embodies the min­istries of defense and war. So you should give an explanation in this field.

Semjase - 2.I understand.

3.Unofficially America gets governed by several kinds of governments.

4.On the one hand is governing there the presidential govern­ment, but on the other hand as well are the Pentagon and the CIA moreover.

5.They officially belong to­gether all right, but in truth, all three of these formations work for themselves in their inner­most, for which reason they form in a certain re­spect each a government of its own.

6.Then when your questions referred to the official government on the one hand, and to the Pentagon on the other, I will have to give you two answers, one according to each, too, which is, that the presidential government has several materials of extraterrestrial origin etc., while there is nothing known to us of the Pentagon being said to have possession of several dead bodies of extraterrestrial intelligences.

7.There may all right be a chance for this, but we don't have any cognitions about whether this is really true or not.

8.We have meanwhile cared for the clearing of this question but we could not gather clear results.

Meier- I think this explanation will be sufficient. But now I want to know thoroughly from you all about Atlantis and Mu. Already more than one year ago, you had promised me that you would give me sufficient information about that. Meanwhile you all right gave some few notes concerning this question, but you gave no thorough explanations and details.

Semjase- 9.Surely, and then I explained to you that I would inform you when the time was mature for it.

Meier- I know, but isn't it far enough now?

Semjase- 10.The time has come to talk about it.

Meier- This delights me, so do begin. I am eagerly listening.

Semjase- 11.As I already explained at an earlier time, Atlantis and Mu mutually destroyed one another.

12.But there was a special state of affairs, and so I have to start the history at a very early time.

Pelegon Comes to the Earth

13. Around 150,000 years ago in earth time, our home­ worlds finally found peace and liberty after very long times of wars and revolutions.

14. A short time before the settling of the peace and quiet yet, a scientist by the name of PELEGON elected himself leader of a group of about 70,000 human beings, with whose help he took possession of several great spacer ships and fled.

15. Being an important scientist, it was an easy thing for him to coerce the 70,000 head group under his control, and to bring them through space and time in his wild escape towards Earth.

16. On board the stolen spaceship were nearly 200 very good scientists in the most different fields of knowledge.

17. By these themselves, as by the whole group, Pelegon was unanimously acknowledged as their god, which means, king in wisdom and leader.

18. Dur­ing the following millennium, they lived on the Earth and originated a highly developed culture.

19. They built up many and great cities and inhabited all the continents of Earth.

20. Their flourishing time last­ed nearly 10,000 years.

21. During this time, every­thing ran well and all found a very high position of development.

The Great War During the Time of Pelegon

22. But before the 10,000 years were finished, by the desires for power of sane might? - thirsty people, un-satisfactions once more arose, leading to deadly wars, that caused the whole Earth to tremble in a wild war-crying.

23. There happened an earthly world war of a measure, like never before nor in later time until today was brought upon the Earth.

24. Everything, without exception, was damaged 'and destroyed, and only a few thousand humans sur­vived the immense catastrophe.

25. But these few es­caped in good long-distance spaceships out into the cosmos, and settled on a strange world.

26. Only a very small remainder remained back on the destroyed Earth, and they degenerated completely.

27. About 7,000. years later, when the distant descendants of the escaped returned to Earth, they found only very Wild and degenerate beings there.

The Rise of Atlantis And Lemuria

28. The return of the descendants of those once escaped, was done again under the leadership of a god, whose govern­ment built Mu as well as the Smaller- and Greater­-Atlantis.

29.Greater-Atlantis and Mu were then the two biggest cities ever built on Earth, and for the sake of peace, were built on two different contin­ents.

30. Again a high culture developed and every­thing began to flourish.

31. For thousands of years unity and peace ruled, until once more some scientists degenerated in their thirst for power. and were trying by all means at their disposal to fear to themselves the top leadership.

32. But the people, remembering the wars of their forefathers, revolted against the power-hungry scientists, and these had to flee.

33. With the help of some sympathetic allies, they were able to take possession of Several spaceships, and they vanished out into space.

34.Calculated in earth years, this was a bit more than 133,000 years ago.

35.During the next two millenniums, these evil-minded refugees lived in a neigh­boring solar system, produced many descendants and developed high technologies, which offered huge pos­sibilities for them.

36. But they raised these dependents in hate and thirst for revenge, because they wanted to bring the Earth under their govern­ment and control.

37.The hate and passion for re­venge by the descendants was always incited and driven by their government so far, that among their own ranks a certain order could only be maintained by very troublesome and cruel punishments.

38.In this way a nation of wicked and beastial character arose.

39.It was also because of their hate, that the average life of these haters was driven by re­search and mutations etc., so far that it finally amounted to several thousands of years.

40.Every single being of this nation was educated into war technologies and impossible intrigues.

41.After two thousand years, this hater-crowd was sufficiently grown, that an attack against the Earth was drawn into consideration.

42.So they assembled, boarded their great spacer ships and came to Earth.

43.This occurred about 113,000 years ago.

44.Their leader was the IHWH ARUS, a scientist of extraordinary beastial mind and of overpowering force.

45.For his assist­ance, he called many scientists of the different fields of knowledge as representatives and sub lead­ers, in the amount of 200.

46.At a moment they came robbing the Earth and took possession of new lands, by which result they could settle the north of what is now known as America.

47.This is the present Florida, which first came to be laying in the present south because of a change in the Earth.

48.Spreading out from there, they obtained much power by fighting all over the Earth, while they constantly attacked Atlantis and Mu.

49.Always and always again, they attacked the Greater-Atlantis and Mu, with the ob­jective of taking possession of these cities by war actions.

50.In consequence worldwide wars raged for two further millenniums, until there infiltrated into the ruling ranks of Atlantis and Mu, wicked elements of the hater-men, who secretly incited hate and power so long, that by their intrigues the Greater-Atlantis and Mu were completely destroyed, while the few sur­vivors were taken into servitude, and the great sci­entists were able to escape in their spaceships, and returned to their ancient home worlds in the Seven Stars, thus to the Pleiades, which were first colon­ized by their most ancient forefathers, when these left their original home worlds in the region of Vega in the constellation of Lyra.

51.The nature and manner in which Greater-Atlantis and Mu were des­troyed was so full of cruelties and intrigues that in the history of earth mankind there likely will never be an equal.

52.The intrigants incited between the Atlanteans and the inhabitants of Mu evil-minded machinations, which caused mutual war-activities.

53.Between both arose a wicked hate and will for destruction.

54.Mu, which was situated in the desert of Gobi, made war upon Greater-Atlantis, which was constructed in the great isle region between the present Africa and America, before it submerged in the greatest earthly war catastrophe of all past and likely as well all future epochs, down into the At? lantic Ocean, leaving only some few small islands, which you presently call the Azores.

The Great War During the Time of Atlantis And Lemuria

55.The war pow­ers of Mu and Atlantis were of horrible scale and force at their prime, and were equipped with the highest technical attainments.

56.So Greater-Atlant­is alone disposed of an army of 4.83 million people, (4,830,000 men), which was well equipped with small fighter-beamships.

57.Moreover, the government of Atlantis commanded a giant fleet of 123,000 units of one-man-destroyerships, the smallest beamships for earthly close combat.

58.Besides these there were still 16,431 eliminator units, smallest beamships, which by the influence of heat could eliminate all matter in a fraction of a second.

59.Finally they disposed of 24,230 overkill-beamers, which each needed 10 men for manipulation and were built into medium class beamships.

60.Against this huge power, Mu was superior, be­cause the scientists of Mu had as well developed very dangerous weapons which were still more dan­gerous and destructive than everything of the Atanteans together.

61.Namely, the scientists of Mu had discovered powers which made it possible For them to convert whole small planets (asteroids) into all destroying cosmic bombs, which they tore out of their millions of years old courses and steered then with great precision towards an exactly defined aim (orbit) of another planet, and let them crash down with terrible power; and exactly this horrible wea­pon did they use when Greater Atlantis started it attack upon Mu.

62.The best and most suited scien­tists of Mu were ordered to a suitable planetoid which could be used as a deadly and destructive mis­sile against Atlantis.

63.So they flew out in their beam ships into free cosmic space, and in the ring of asteroids outside the orbit of Mars, they found an object suitable for their purpose.

64.It was a plan­etoid several kilometers in diameter, whose exact size we still have not determined.

65.With atomic and electromagnetic energies, it was pushed out of its orbit and took a course towards Earth,

66.Then the self-rotation of the planetoid was braked down and stopped, while they built a propulsion drive on the side away from the Earth, a drive of gigantic size, with the goal of an immense acceleration of the little planet, which would be directed by rush­ing speed into its aim.

67.Only less than a half a day before the great attack of the Atlanteans against Mu, the cosmic bomb was improved; a death bomb of human delusion of great importance.

68.When Atlantis started her attack, the producers of the deadly missile were informed by hyperwave-impulses within a few seconds of the beginning events, and were commanded to get the deadly missile started.

69.A few seconds after receipt of the command, on the side of the planetoid turned away from the Earth a thousand suns seemed to rush into the dark cosmos, and by gigantic power, the monster started moving.

70.Rapidly the speed of the death's messenger in­creased, guided by the control of the monster sci­entists, who, sitting on the planetoid, observed their task, themselves also dedicated to death.

71. Meanwhile, on Earth the Atlanteans destroyed the city of Mu, leveling to the ground.

72.Those who had not escaped into the subterranean branch cities and into space, died away in the eliminator beams of the 118 Atlanteans, and nothing witnessed any longer their once existence.

73.The victorious Atlanteans returned to their island kingdom and celebrated their victory over Mu in great transports of joy.

74.But their joy did not last long, because they had barely begun their festivities, when there came in, over tumbling one another, announcements about the raging danger from the cosmos.

75.Only a few high governors and scientists were able to take refuge in their space­ships and escape into the cosmos, before the cat­astrophe broke upon Atlantis and it submerged into the sea.

76.Those destined for death saw the dis­aster rushing near, high in the sky and far away in the northwest, above the ocean and the distant con­tinent.

77.Like from nowhere there suddenly appeared a dark heavenly body, which raging fast came nearer, and whose back side pushed away glistening light.

78.The monster shot along, and became a giant within a few seconds.

79.At first only visible as a small falling star, it rushed within a few seconds to very close and of gigantic size, trailing a firey tail.

80.Fascinated and paralyzed, with eyes opened wide in horror,,the humans stared at this monster, which so suddenly and noiselessly rushed near, yet then suddenly gave out an unbearable howling sound when it entered the first layers of the atmosphere of the Earth and was exposed to its friction.

81.Two sec­onds later the planetoid glowed like a supernova and generated a heat of more than 34,000 degrees.

82. Whole regions of land burnt to glowing ashes within seconds when the heat from the speeding planetoid rushed down from the hurrying giant.

83.Then sudden­ly the cosmic bomb exploded at less than 172 kilo? meters height, and broke into many thousands of greater and smaller meteorites, which were flung like small atomic bombs towards Earth and destroyed everything in their way with great force that was within reach of the impact and pressure waves.

84. The whole Earth shook in the huge explosion and thunder rolled over all the globe.

85.The Earth was badly shaken and many volcanos broke out of her.

85. Two great parts of the exploding planetoid crashed like titanic fists into the Atlantic Ocean and hit through the hard earth crust at the bottom of the sea. 119

87.It seemed like the Earth would die, because the impact power of the remnant pieces was greater than 32,000 hydrogen bombs, as you dispose of presently in such absurdity.

88.Deep down in the ocean, the earthly crust was torn and the way opened for the bubbling of the Earth's innermost hot and glowing magma, which now thick-fluidly wallowed high.

89.The waters of the sea began bubbling and boiling, and the dampened masses of water rushed up into the at­mosphere to heights of 35,000 meters (roughly 90,000 feet).

90.By this event, the raging sea was thrown up into a gigantic tidal wave, which with great speed shot along to a height of 2,300 meters, tear­ing everything with it and submerging whole countries simply under water, and destroying everything it reached.

91.The island kingdom of Atlantis was sub­merged in a speed of minutes below the raging waters of the Atlantic Ocean, without leaving behind even one living creature.

92.The capital, constructed in the form of a beamship (circular) was rent into sev­eral pieces and sank with her underground (facilities).

93.In this way occurred the history of At­lantis and Mu about 11,500 years back in chronology before the modern counting of time.

Meier- Fantastic, but from where do you get all this knowledge?

Semjase- 94.It was delivered to us.

Meier- Phenomenal - but you just said these occur­rences lay back by 11,500 years, before modern count­ing of time, as you say. Is this date of year exact?

Semjase- 95.Certainly, exact within two years.

96. There were exactly 11,498 years, calculated backwards from the present time of counting, in consequence 13,503 years. (a, >03

Meier- Such a thing cannot happen.

Semjase- 97.You doubt my notes?

Meier- Certainly not, but just look here: - Here I have a feature sent by one of our group members. There such a man with the name Otto Muck, a German physician, has calculated that Atlantis must have got destroyed at exactly 19:00 hours of the 6th of June in the year 11,498 B.C., and that exactly in the way you have just told me, but he thinks it dealt with a purely cosmic catastrophe.

Semjase- 98.This does not surprise me.

Meier- Doesn't it? And why? This man has calculated this all very exactly, exactly to the year, only that he was wrong by one thousand years.

Semjase- 99.Surely, this is a wrong calculation, because he has trusted in information which is wrong by one thousand years.

100.Besides, he assumes that the events of Mu and Atlantis were caused by the Great Flood, but which is wrong.

Meier- This is known to me, Yet I really thought that you would wonder about this very sharp calcula­tion, in my view, and the revelation of the affairs.

Semjase- 101.Why should I? The expositions of this earthman Muck are best known to us, as well as the fact, that he is very close to the truth. 103.But he must know that, because he first received and fixed the legends of Atlantis in writing 2,322 years ago, and surrendered them for posterity.

Plato and Otto Muck

Meier- You drive me crazy - you really mean, that this Muck would be the ancient Plato?

Semjase- 104.I do not mean; we know this very sure.

105. Put here a comparison between both these pic­tures.

106.Here is the bust of Plato, and here the picture of Otto Muck.

107.Does something strike you?

Meier- Hmm, - man, girl, this is right, these both are but the same ones.

Semjase- 108.Certainly.

Meier- But that's fantastic; if only that man knew this.

Semjase- 109.By regret he is not addressable for these matters.

Meier- A pity.

Semjase- 110.By which saying you are right?

Meier- So may not. Then are you allowed to answer me a question concerning these little planets or planetoids. Namely, of what does deal the so-cal­led "Adonis-Group"? This Mr. Muck says that this cosmic missile would have dealt of a body from out of the "Adonis-Group", by which I unfortunately can imagine nothing.

Semjase- 111.This can very easily be explained. 112.The earth human being counts as the Adonis-Group all those heaven's or cosmic bodies which are called planetoids.

Meier- Oh yes, thus Adonis-Group-member does simply mean planetoid? How complicated the human being can be

Semjase- 113.Unfortunately they are.

Meier- You are right, too. Yet now another question: You had once told me that no life would exist on Mars. If I have understood this right, you meant by this but planetarian human life, didn't you?

Semjase- 114.Certainly.

Meier- Well - then your earlier answer does not ex­clude (the possibility) that any other life of flor­ic or faunic form can exist there, or even does exist. You then told (me) expressly, that life does not exist there, while logically you had addressed only the human planetary life. What do you think iibw, Will the Americans discover low forms of life with their probe sent to mars?

Semjase- 115.They will meet with surprises in many respects, as in the fact that Mars has much more water than earthly science had assumed until now.

116.But there are also surprises in the character of the ground and the nature of the micro-world.

117.The floric and faunic world can absolutely be found on Mars when the scientific instruments of these sondes are well enough to evaluate and store the concerned results.

Meier- Then "life on Mars" could prove true for our science?

Semjase- 118.It is in the compass of possibility, that the analyses could verify this, when the scientific instruments are good enough, because faunic and floric forms of life are existing on Mars, even though this planet destroys other forms of life by its contrary to life nature.

Meier- Yes, yes. Then at least for our group, you are due for telling an explanation- Like with the American Government and the Pentagon. Does this also appear in two aspects? I do all right understand your logic when you say, that not any life would exist on a planet. According to your high logic, this expression refers exclusively to planetarian hu­man forms of life, doesn't it?

Semjase- 119.But certainly, nothing else can be un­derstood from that.

Meier- It just deals of this, for when you answer in this manner, then one always believes, unfortunately, that by it was meant every life, thus to faunic, floric and human. So in the future we have to be more precise in such matters.

Semjase- 120.This is very much unwanted for me.

Meier- Then you just have to trouble yourself for this, else misunderstandings will rise.

Semjase- 121.

I see. 122. - I will trouble myself for it.

Proxima-Centauri, Alpha-Centauri and Beta-Centauri

Meier- Okay, many thanks. But now another question: The next sun system, seen from us, belongs to the Centauri-Groups. As far as I know, the first of them is called Proxima-Centauri, then Alpha-Centauri as next, and then Beta-Centauri, which is named a bit otherwise by us, namely the BARNARD-Star or similar, which is a bit more than 6 1ightyears from us. Are now you informed about, whether any human beings live in these systems, who come to Earth too?

Semjase- 123.Surely, I myself do know different kinds of friends in all three systems, but where only one can be seen in the Barnard-System, that is, in the Beta-Centauri system, from Earth, that planets are rotating there around the sun. 124.But why do you ask?

Meier- It's a bit a strange story. - Do you perhaps know a certain ATHAR and a KOHUN?

Semjase- 125.These are two dear friends of mine from Proxima-Centauri, but wherefrom do you know their names?

126.You seem to be informed about certain concerns about which I gave you no information until now.

Meier- Maybe, but tell me, since what time do func­tion these dear ATHAR and KOHUN along on the Earth? - And do these have any contact with human beings of this planet?

Semjase- 127. They often came here.

128. They obtain contact, but not of a very extensive kind.

129. They kept their last important contact with a man from Germany, more than 50 years ago, who also received permission to portray them in in very great detail.

Meier- Well, in the beginning of this year, they were again painted physiognonically. And perhaps they are both here? Look, here I have a painting.

Semjase- 130.

131. From where did you get these paintings?

132. These indeed are Kohun and Athar.

133.How did these paintings reach into your hands?

Meier- This you would like to know, eh? But look jere; read that. This have I received previously by the post. (Semjase reads a long time, then she turns to me a­gain with a rather puzzled face.)

Semjase- 134. That's a very great surprise.

135. I knew nothing about all of this.

Meier- You see, you, too, are not onniscent_

Semjase- 136. I have never pretended this.

Meier- Okay, but I only shift you onto the roll, as I call it. Look, to console you, here I still have a word in comfort; you may look at it later, as it does not address me.

Semjase- 137.So it isn't from you?

Meier- Certainly not.

Semjase- 138.Convey my hearty thanks for it.

Meier- Will get done, girl.

Semjase- 139. Now I have to put a question to you:

140. Could you occupy yourself during the last three days by replacing yourself into the past?

Meier- I wanted to do so, but I lacked the neces­sary time. For two times I could snake away in the afternoon and have some hours for myself. But I did not find out anything. - The time was too ahort.

Semjase- 141. You have to trouble yourself for this, because it is of importance for you all.

Meier- You mean for the group? Senjasae- 142. Certainly; the time has come, that dif­ferent ones among you should obtain closer cognition concerning the connections.

Meier- But you could help me in this.

Semjase- 143. Surely, but you yourself should elab­orate the connections.

144.In the meantime, you have analyzed more things than you want to explain to me; about this I am quite sure, but you do not want to talk about this, because you still don't know the full connections and they appear fantastic to you.

145. You want to keep silent for only so long, until you are absolutely sure by yourself.

Meier- That's correct; I can't render account for telling anything earlier.

Semjase- 146.You are very conscious of the duty here. Meier` You start to elaborate the flowers into scent. But tell me - can you tell me something about the present relations, by which I mean, what mission is laying inside of all this?

Semjase- 147.The same, as was within your other time.

Meier- You mean, they will take missions upon them­selves because of their own decisions and feeling for obligation and performance of a duty?

Semjase- 148.But surely, as you know this very well.

149. In cause of their reached by themselves and still to reach by themselves recognitions, they join into a duty of obligationing, in which consequence they assist you helpfully and care for all those concerns for which you yourself can not oblige.

150. This is valid also for the material concerns and your great modesty by the way, that they, the mat­erial concerns become mastered by them, which fact already existed in an earlier time.

151. Though a very large modesty of your person is needed for the accomplishment of your and our mission, but you are too modest, which fact could threaten your mission, if in this respect it would not be given over to your dear assistants.

152. Manytimes you can not care for your own welfare, because of your modesty, in which consequence you have to be mothered in this field.

153. By self-cognition our dear friends and girlfriends have recognized this, for which fact the girlfriends especially have turned themselves to the necessary task, in doing the most necessary things for you or to execute those things.

154. But they perform this in sincere love and joy and with the sureness of their recognition, this being demanded, because you yourself are unable to master these mat­ters alone.

155. But they also fulfill their task and obligation, because inside of them has awakened the cognition about the truth, and as they have found the way towards wisdom, for which reason they offer their help as well under thanking.

156. They know very well, that only by their cannon assistance are you able to fulfill your heavy mission, and as they have recognized this truth just as truth, and as of extreme importance, they have become duty-perfor ers for which matter they are helpful freely and of their own will.

Meier- And - haven't you lent them a bit your help­ing hand?

Semjase- 157. You should not expect such things of me.

158.Surely, there have reached me very many thoughts of your girlfriends, who I name as well as my personal girlfriends, but I have not influenced them for doing any things, because such would not have been serviceable for the matter.

159. Only that I was helpful to them, when I explained to them the truth in a most thoughtful way, from which they were able to understand it.

160. In consequence, all is in their own understanding and recognition, as well as in their own decision. Meier` Excuse it, I haven't meant it this way.

Semjase- 161. Then I have misunderstood you.

Meier- All right again. Can you at least tell me if I am right when I assume, that quite well defined connections from the distant past weld us together in the present?

Semjase- 162.You know very well, that is the way it is.

163.You do know very many things and matters for much more than you want to confess to yourself.

164. You even know this for certain, yet the evidences are still missing for you, which just you yourself have to elaborate.

Meier- I do know. It's just that I am a confounded barbarous realist.

Semjase- 164. Surely, and this is quite well, be­cause in this way you are always able to create a clear recognition without fail.

Meier- 165. That's possible, but rather often this is confoundedly troublesome.

Semjase- 166. I do not know of any chance to keep you away fran a once settled goal; in consequence of which you will crown this time search as well by success, even without my assistance.

Meier- Well, all right, maybe you are right, but in what way shall I tell this all tow dear friends? I can't make a fuss of it. That is simply not my line.

Semjase- 167. This is known to me, and so I could be helpful for you here, while I undertake this task from you and explain it all in a contact report, which yet can be used only internally in the group.

Meier- By that, you take a whole truckload of bol­ders from my heart. Many thanks.

Semjase- 168. It is a delight for me, too.

Meier- My dear girl, this matter has really excited me.

Semjase- 169. This is understandable, but consider, that the members of the innermost circle have become very knowing and understand many more things than those who only by untied manner belong to you.

170. Regard my dearest thanks and my greetings to them.

Meier- Readily.

Semjase- 171. Then we should leave from one another for today. Meier— As you think. But could you admit one last question from me?

Semjase- 172. Yes.

Meier- Thank you. - You had told me at an earlier time, that you would answer my question referring to Atlantis and Mu only when the time was mature for that. Today you have given me the answer, and I am unable to see the time being mature for this. From what may I recognize it?

Semjase- 173. That's very simple.

174. Already for many years we have controlled Otto Muck, who was inspired as well by us for certain things.

175. For the first of events, he should achieve great infor­mative publicity by the results of his researches, to prepare the earthhuman beings for the full truth about the events of Atlantis and Mu.

176. So he has accomplished this on the one hand by a book, and on the other hand by a magazine article as well, which you have just shown me.

177. By this the ground is being prepared for revealing the full truth.

178. In any case, I wanted to tell you about the events sur­rounding Atlantis and Mu today, but you' were first with your question.

Meier- I see; then I have been a bit precipitate.

Semjase- 179. No you weren't, but now farewell and good-bye.

180. Take care of yourself.

Meier- Same thing for you, and many greetings also to Pleja and Quetzal.