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Coast to Coast Main Site Very Late Night Largest show in the United States dealing with paranormal events
Kevin Smith Show Main Site
Mon-Fri 10pm-12pm Eastern UFO, Metaphysical
Alfred Webre Main Site
This is paranormal talk radio with Alfred Webre
X2 Radio Show Main Site
Sundays 8-11 PM Eastern Time This is paranormal talk radio with Dr.Brooks A. Agnew.
Veritas Show Main Site
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2pm-5pm EST

UFO, Conspiracy, Metaphysical (Kerry Cassidy & Bill Ryan)
Other World Radio
Hosts: Sandra Sabatini and Rick Smith
Listen Date/Time: Wednesday 10:00 PM EST Topics: UFO,Metaphysical,Conspiracy
Call-in Number: (347) 857-1104
Jeff Rense Listen Mon-Fri 10 pm Eastern Political and UFO
Alan Steinfield New Realities Listen Tuesday 10 pm Eastern Political and UFO
Journeys with Rebecca Listen Tues & Sat 9 pm EST UFO, Conspiracy, Metaphysical
UFONaut Radio Ufonaut Wednesday 10pm to 12pm Political and UFO
Dr. Fred Bell Listen Thursday 8pm to 9pm UFO, Conspiracy, Metaphysical
Delores Cannon Listen Friday 8pm to 9pm UFO and Metaphysical
After Dark Radio Listen Friday 10pm to 11pm UFO, Conspiracy, Metaphysical
ufo-disclosure-radio Listen Wednesday 10pm to 12pm UFO, Conspiracy, Metaphysical
Matrix Radio "Host Patrick Cooke" Listen 8:00 EST Friday / (Sometimes Saturday) UFO, Conspiracy, Metaphysical
The Freeman Perspective Player here Saturday 8pm to 10pm CST UFO,Metaphysical,Conspiracy
Vortext Network News
(call in number 928-202-4274)
Download media player to Listen Saturday 12pm to 3pm EST UFO,Metaphysical,Conspiracy
Late Night in the Midlands
Host:michael vara
Listen Date/Time: 5/21/2010 10:00 PM Topics: UFO,Metaphysical,Conspiracy
Call-in Number: (347) 989-1012